A few of our testimonials...

"My daughter and I truly enjoy being a part of AFD studio.  I really appreciate the time they spend on teaching correct technique and making corrections.  They also teach the girls the proper names for their dance techniques they are learning.  We have had a wonderful experience being a part of the AFD dance team."
-Cindy Gaspie

"Over the last five years, both of my daughters have participated in recreational classes through Almost Famous, and my youngest, Kaitlin, has been a member of the competition dance team for three years.  The recreational classes offered are a wonderful way to have fun while learning about dance and/or gymnastics.  I love the fact that all children are welcomed to join, regardless of skill level, and each child is encouraged to do their individual best.  The competition teams are great for those that want to commit the time and effort to develop their skills further.  Each member is challenged to grow as an individual, with emphasis being placed on learning proper dance technique and form.  Every year it is a joy to watch Kaitlin, and the entire team, advance in their dance and performance skills, as well as in teamwork.  Both Amanda and Melissa, co-owners of Almost Famous, are committed to supporting their students in reaching individual and team goals.  They take pride in a job well done, as evidenced by the accomplished studio recitals twice a year and the awards the studios have taken home from the various competitions they have participated in.  I must also add that Almost Famous is much more than a studio, class or team; it is a family.  I will be forever grateful for the support our Almost Famous family provides.  I have seen this occur on more than one occasion during our time with Almost Famous.  When enrolling at Almost Famous your child will learn so much more than dance and/or gymnastics.  They will learn life skills such as leadership, responsibility, friendship, compassion and respect."
-Shannon Guyer

"I have 2 girls that participate in the competition dance team and it's amazing to me to see the growth in them.  Not only in dance technique, but the leadership skills, teamwork approach and self discipline that I see my girls developing.  Amanda, Melissa, and the rest of the instructors are so good with the girls and you can tell that they love what they do!  I love seeing the mutual respect between the dancer and instructor when things get tough during the competition season.  My girls seem to have a great confidence level and self-esteem due to the goals that they set and achieve while in dance."
-Julie Smith

"Our daughter LOVES to dance and she has learned so much at Almost Famous Dance Studio.  Miss Melissa and Miss Amanda are outstanding choreographers and skill teachers.  They consistently push each dancer to do his/her best.  At the same time, they treat all of the dancers as part of their family and it is clear that they love what they do as well as the students they teach.  If you are looking for a loving studio where your daughter or son will be taught amazing skills, to do her or his best, and to display manners and maturity,
-Dara Fishnick

"Our daughter has been dancing with Almost Famous for 4 years.  From the beginning, we have been in awe of the passion and love for dance that flows out of each instructor, thus motivating the girls during practice and performance.  Melissa and Amanda challenge the girls not only to be the best dancers they can be on the stage, their expectations reach well beyond the studio's walls and are transferred into the girl's everyday lives at home, school and within the larger community.  We have had the opportunity to watch Madeline blossom not just as a dancer, bus as a confident and determined young woman who is always striving to reach her fullest potential.  The friendships and connections that she has made with her teammates are invaluable.  Miss Melissa and Miss Amanda foster a safe and nurturing environment while also recognizing the potential of each of their students pushing each girl to their personal best."
-Ali Hutchins

"We knew that our daughter LOVED to dance, however, since she has been in Almost Famous Dance, she has learned SOOO much and loves it even more...if that is possible.  The instructors are wonderful and oh so kind that we know every week when we drop her off, she is well taken care of and taught to the highest standards.  As she grows, dancing will be in her future for sure...and you can bet that Almost Famous will be a part of that future!"
-Vaughn and Mary Beth Grimm

"My daughter loves going to Almost Famous Dance Studio.  The teachers push the girls to make them better each day.  As a parent I can see that my daughter is not only becoming a better dancer each year but they learn so much more about being a good person and having respect for others.  I am so happy that we are part of such a great organization.  It makes me very happy to see the smile on my daughter's face after a long night of practice or at a competition."
-Kaylee Ungs

"Not only does Almost Famous Dance Studio provide professional instruction, but the staff also goes above and beyond to challenge each individual dancer, ensuring a quality experience.  It is hands down the best studio in Eastern Iowa!"
-Christina Ditch

"I have my daughter attend Almost Famous for many reasons.  They promote self confidence by meeting your child where they're at with technique and teach them the skills to be a successful dancer.  It contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  The staff make you feel so welcome.  The dancers are creative and fun to watch.  Almost Famous is a family and gives your child something positive to be a part of."
-Krystie Manson

"My daughter used to be the girl who didn't sing or do actions during school performances.  This year she tried out for and was placed on a competition dance team.  Being a part of dance has developed her self confidence and self esteem.  Thanks for helping her walk a little taller!"
-Amy Breitbach

"Why does Kelsey do dance???  Dance is a part of her makeup.  It makes her get up in the morning and do it all over again.  Kelsey has grown and matured so much by setting new goals for herself each day.  She also has the satisfaction of knowing she worked hard towards a goal.  Dancing also carries over to her being disciplined.  I see her self esteem and confidence improving with more dance experience as well.  Performing a dance in front of other people, especially when you are new to dance, is a huge risk.  These girls perform risks that many adults wouldn't even think about doing.  Dance allows her to have a creative and emotional outlet.  Many times she may come home from school and seem stressed.  Dance gives her an outlet to release her tension in a positive way.  Kelsey has also developed some great friendships with girls younger and older than her.  These bonds are strong and come with helping one another work towards getting stronger and better.  When she's not dancing, she misses it!"
-Erin Adams

"We enrolled our daughter 4 years ago at Almost Famous Dance Studio, a decision we will never regret.  Our daughter has grown so much in the last 4 years and has such a love for dance that has been fostered by the teaching staff and owners of Almost Famous.  Additionally, the attitude and care that the instructors have towards not only my child, but all the children in the program is amazing.  No matter if you are enrolled in a recreational class or part of the competition program, your child is treated with the same balance of fun and discipline to allow them to grow to their potential as a dancer."
-Larry and Mary Jo Smock


     Welcome to ALMOST FAMOUS!
Thank you for choosing us to guide your children in exploring the wonders of dance, cheer, and gymnastics. We are excited to have you with us this year. We hope this will prove to be a great season with talented instructors, exciting new routines, great music, and fun recitals. Every skill level is welcome at Almost Famous. Each student is given the opportunity to excel with the new skills and techniques they learn at class. Our philosophy has always been to treat students as we would want our own children treated. We want our classes to be a place where students feel valued and cherished. Our goal is to instill confidence and self-esteem, while helping them stay active.
    Almost Famous prides itself on being organized, educational, and a fun program. We will keep you well informed and answer any questions you may have. Our emphasis is on team work, cooperation, and running a high quality program. We are proud to serve over 400 students in the Farley and Monticello area.

Thank you for joining our Almost Famous Family.
Amanda Hackney & Melissa Ehrisman

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